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past continuous exercise. Well.this is my small contribution to the PAST SIMPLE and PAST CONTINUOUS. I hope you like it. I will use it on Monday!!!!! English Exercises > past continuous exercises. Past simple and past continuous. Downloadable worksheets: PAST CONTINUOUS AND PAST SIMPLE

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Past Continuous - All Things Grammar Past Simple 2 Past Simple 3 Past Simple: Negatives Past Time Words Phrasal Verbs with 'Get' Quality ESL grammar worksheets, quizzes and games - from A to Z - for teachers & learners PAST CONTINUOUS. CEFR Level A2 to B1 Grammar Board Game Past Continuous 36 squares, each asking about what that person was doing at a specific time (speak The Past Continuous Exercise at Auto-English computer games all morning. (play) 12 We .. all afternoon in the library. (revise) What you were doing when something suddenly happened ! Past continuous D Past simple B Fill the gaps using the verb in brackets in the past continuous and past simple . Charades - Past Continuous - Busy Teacher Sep 19, 2014 · This game helps demonstrate and practice the difference between the past simple and past continuous tenses. Split your class into two teams. Explain what the word charades means – using only motions and no words to get an idea across. Past Simple quiz - Pearson ELT

Fill in only the Past Simple (Simple + Simple) or the Past Progressive (Progressive + Progressive)! Examples: I (to take) took a shower, then I (to get dressed) got dressed and (to leave) left . I (to eat) was eating cornflakes while dad (to read) was reading the newspaper. Past Simple and Past Continuous | Grammar - Past Tense ... Nov 23, 2017 · So, the next time you sit down to write a story, or you’re chatting with your friends about what you were doing at the weekend, remember the basic idea that the past simple and past continuous work together. Normally, the Past Continuous is interrupted by the Past simple. We could start our story with the past continuous. The Past Tenses - Past Continuous - Teaching Ideas - YouTube Nov 19, 2017 · This video is part of our series on the past tenses in English. In this video, we take a look at the past continuous tense and suitable teaching ideas for this tense. The past continuous is very The past simple and the past continuous - Interactive ... Live worksheets > English > English as a Second Language (ESL) > Past simple and past continuous > The past simple and the past continuous The past simple and the past continuous ID: 6164

ESL Kids World - Interactive Past Continuous ESL Video ... past continuous grammar game, vocabulary worksheets, handwriting and tracing worksheets, word search worksheets, text maze worksheets, crossword worksheets, grammar flashcards, vocabulary flashcards, grammar games, vocabulary games, esl phonics flashcards, song worksheets, video games, interactive flash games, classroom game ideas, board games PAST SIMPLE VS PAST CONTINUOUS PICTURE GAME - YouTube Mar 18, 2017 · The best games for ESL lessons: You will find the lesson plan and more fun activities here: Past Simple vs Past Continuous Boardgame | Actividades de ...

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Do you want to practise using past simple sentences in English? Play our grammar games and have fun while you learn. For irregular verbs, there is a special past tense form. regular verbs: play – played, watch – watched, want – wanted irregular verbs: eat – ate, write You can play our grammar games to have fun while you are Past Simple or the Past ... © 2010 May be freely copied for personal or classroom use. Past Simple or the Past Continuous? English ESL past simple board game worksheets - Most ... A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about past, simple, board, game, pa Past Continuous Grammar Games | Puzzle Worksheets ...

Past Simple or Past Continuous Worksheet 2 Answers: 1. Christine was eating dinner last night when you knocked on the door. 2. I began to study at nine last night and I was still studying at eleven. 3. When Jack dropped by to visit me, I was having dinner. 4. Did your parents …